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Séfer Barcelona: Jewish Book Festival 2019


We finally have the programme ready for this year edition, you can find it here:


See you at Séfer 2019!

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Sefer Barcelona, in its third edition, wants to allow encounters between genres such as poetry and fiction (Tal Nitzan and Dorit Rabinyan), homages (to Philip Roth), writing and philosophy (Hannah Arendt), author and his country (Patrick Modiano), without losing the sense of humour thanks to S. J. Perelman and a bit of reflection about Jewish modernity. Besides that, this year we are proud to host a Catalan writer – Sylvia Angelet -which will share her last bilingual book, in Catalan and Hebrew, about the daughter of the Alchemist, a girl who was said to live in the same neighbourhood where the Festival takes place. We will have a walking storytelling with the writer through the relevant and special places of the area.

Tips to enjoy Sefer (practical info)
  • There is still free stuff! The whole festival is for free! But careful, to attend the sessions on Friday 12th registration is mandatory for capacity reasons. Take a look to the program, choose which sessions you want to attend and write to us at sefer@mozaika.es
  •  We will also have a fine book selection for sale at Casa Adret on Friday 12th.
  •  If you have kids, Sefer thinks of them (and you) too! This year we have an activity for the whole family on Friday 12th. Write to us too if you want to attend!
  •  You don’t have to register for the coffee breaks, they’re for free, we are that cool.
  •  Did you love a book recently? Do you want to share it? Are you looking for recommendations? Are you looking for a date? On Friday 12th, at Casa Adret, we will have the Wall of Recommendations, the tinder of books!
  •  Don’t forget to follow us in social networks! Share with us your photographs, comments and critiques with #sefer2018 on Twitter and Facebook.

Program Sefer 2018

October 11th – Ateneu Barcelonès (Carrer de la Canuda, nº6) [no registration needed]

5:30 pm Opening

6 -7:30 pm : Hebrew texts for coexistence

 Tal Nitzan and Dorit Rabinyan. Moderator: Carles Duarte

Two Israeli writers will talk about their recent works, which explore coexistence through their plots and book characters. (Session in Hebrew with Spanish translation in situ)

7:30 – 8:45 pm: Poetic-musical Mosaic ‘Trencadís’

Tal Nitzan and Dorit Rabinyan, our international guests, will read their poems alongside local poets Arnau Pons, Manuel Forcano, Itai Ron and Refael Azran, with a musical accompaniment by Ofer Ronen. The poems will be read in four languages: Hebrew, Catalan, Spanish and English.


October 12th – Casa Adret (Carrer Sant Domènec del Call, nº6) [registration mandatory]

10:30 – 11:45  Patrick Modiano: France and the Jews in the 20th century

Álex Chico, Andreu Navarra, and Felipe R. Navarro. Moderator: David Aliaga.

Writers Álex Chico, Andreu Navarra and Felipe R. Navarro, will talk with David Aliaga about how the work of Nobel Prize–winner Patrick Modiano addresses the issue of identity and France’s responsibility towards Jews.

11:45-12:00h: Coffee break by Toldot. Call Barcelona will be selling books on the patio of the Casa Adret.

12 am – 1 pm  Walking storytelling with a writerFOR KIDS

Silvia Angelet wrote a book about a Jewish girl who lived during the 14th century in the Call, the jewish neighbourhood. The activity will start at the Casa Adret and, as the story is told, the kids and the writer will walk through the relevant historical spots as they appear in the book.

12- 13:15h: Perelmania

                   Didac Aparicio, editor, and David Paradela, translator

S.J. Perelman is well-known in the United States, but his work is only now becoming available to the Spanish-speaking world, thanks to the dedicated work of editor Didac Aparicio and translator David Paradela. Both translator and editor will try and explain who Perelman was, and whether he’s got a special kind of humor, perhaps Jewish humor…

1:15 pm – 2:30 pm  Arendt and Judaism. Reading the present, Re-reading tradition

                             Stefania Fantauzzi and Edgar Straehle. Moderator: Clara Jáuregui

Stefania Fantauzzi and Edgar Straehle, both professors and researchers, will talk about philosopher Hannah Arendt’s work and her relevance to today’s world.

2.30 pm- 3.15 pm Lunch break. The Recommendations Wall a special wall will allow the participants to write their book suggestions

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm  Jewish literature from the Diaspora: Philip Roth z”l

 Isabelle Pleskoff and David Paradela. Moderator: Eva Fortes

Translators, writers, and Jewish activists will read and talk about the work of one of the most prominent Jewish authors of the last century. Moderator: Eva Fortes. Session in Spanish and Catalan

4:30 pm – 4:45 pm: coffee break by Toldot

4:45 pm – 6 pm  The end of Jewish Modernity

Marcelo Dimenstein, Arnau Pons. Session in Spanish

“The end of Jewish modernity: History of a conservative turn” is the essay in which Enzo Traverso analyzes this historical transformation and brilliantly reconstructs the trajectory of Jews in contemporary Europe in a comparative perspective. Marcelo Dimenstein, director of the research unit in contemporary Judaism of the European office of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and Arnau Pons, poet, translator, essayist and editor, will discuss this suggestive and controversial work.

18:30- 19:45 – Catalan writers and Judaism: The representation of the Other

Vicenç Villatoro and Alfred Bosch. Moderator: Eva Fortes

Two Catalan literary figures who need no introduction. Alfred Bosch is a novelist, essayist and politician. This year it will be 20 years since his groundbreaking novel, L’Atlas Furtiu (The Furtive Atlas), won the Sant Jordi award. Vicenç Villatoro is a writer and journalist, who presented his book El Retorn dels Bassat (Return of the Bassats) at the first edition of Sefer Barcelona. Catalonia and the Jewish world emerge on a horizon full of shared stories and shared heritage. Contemporaneity and history. This dialogue represents a unique opportunity to explore this phenomenon.

8 pm  Once Upon a Swing

             A musical closure for a literature festival with Tamara Precek, voice, Gabriela Ahumada, voice and harmonica, and Frank Moreno, piano. Jewish and pop songs in several languages.



Séfer 2016, Palau Robert.
Séfer 2016, Palau Robert.
Séfer 2016, Palau Robert.
Séfer 2016, Palau Robert.
Séfer 2016, Palau Robert.
Séfer 2016, Palau Robert.

Séfer Barcelona 2017

The second edition of Sefer Barcelona, ​​after the unquestionable success of the first, will be held during four days – during the four Thursdays of November 2017: 8, 16, 23 and 29- and will take place in different venues of the city of Barcelona: