About Us

MOZAIKA is a non-profit organization that is born with the intention of contributing to a better knowlegde of Jewish culture and to promote relations between the community and the rest of society in order to provide the exchange of concerns and to consolidate common ground that strengthen projects and common interests. Mozaika aims to popularize Jewish culture, to bring it closer to the general public, to make it accessible, to share questions and a few certainties with those who wish to participate, and in this way celebrate life together, as we have always loved to do.

The Mozaika magazine was relaunched in spring 2020. We publish pieces focusing on Catalan-Jewish and Sephardic cultures, among other topics, while maintaining an emphasis on respecting and celebrating the diversity of experiences that enrich Jewish communities. Our body of publication includes articles on history and culture, interviews, reviews, personal narratives, poetry, artistic drawing… It is a snapshot of everything we do at Mozaika, and everything our community can bring to the cultural dialogue that surrounds us.

Articles published in the Mozaika magazine reflect the opinions of their authors. 

Have an idea for the magazine? Reach out to us at our contact address below. We’d love to hear from you!

The Mozaika magazine features regular collaborations from:

Sandra Cywis Glezer, who writes the Spanish-language Cinegoga section on history and recent developments in Israeli movies and television. Sandra holds a double BA in Cinema and Television and in Education from the University of Tel Aviv. She arrived in Barcelona from Jersualem in 2000 to begin a masters program in Creative Documentary Cinema at the UAB. Since then, she has remained in the city, where she teaches Hebrew, translates, and collaborates with Mozaika and other cultural projects.

Background image: https://unsplash.com/@alexlitvin

Susana Romano Sued, who writes the Spanish-language literary section Escriturienta. Susana is a poet, storyteller, essayist, translator, and psychoanalyst. She holds a doctorate from the University of Mannheim. She is a professor emerita of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) and a senior researcher at the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET).

Background image: https://unsplash.com/@nicolasthomas

CONTACT: editorial@mozaika.es