MOZAIKA is a non-profit organization that is born with the intention of contributing to a better knowlegde of Jewish culture and to promote relations between the community and the rest of society in order to provide the exchange of concerns and to consolidate common ground that strengthen projects and common interests.

Mozaika aims to popularize Jewish culture, to bring it closer to the great public, to make it accessible, to share the doubts and a few certainties with those who are willing to come near, and in that way to celebrate life together, as we have always loved to do .

Since 2009 Mozaika has brought together writers, poets, philosophers, scientists, musicians, filmmakers, playwrights, psychologists, rabbis, journalists, philologists willing to discuss about key themes of our times and to celebrate a universal point of view that comes from an ancient diversity. Mozaika aspires to emancipate prejudices, stimulate curiosity, agitate debate, disciplines and styles, to sail upon once own seas and beyond, to become a rendez vous with art and the liberty to ease the mutual understanding, dialogue and peace. At the same time we want to become the showcase of new cultural trends of Jewish trace that stir up the world.

CONTACT:  info@mozaika.es 


MOZAIKA is currently integrated by a multidisciplinary and voluntary team consisting of:

  • David Aliaga
  • Mónica Buzali
  • Eva Fortes
  • Clara Jáuregui
  • Marcel Odina
  • Verónica Sartore
  • Víctor Sörenssen
  • Federico Szarfer
  • Martín Szulman
  • Manu Valentín
  • Gal Wachs

But MOZAIKA also belongs to those who at some point were a part of the team, and who we would like to honor with our deepest gratitude for having made this platform grow.

  • Carles Basteiro-Bertolí
  • Nataniel Furgang
  • Tomás Morgenstern
  • Tali Reshev
  • Daniel Wagensberg
  • Gisela Zotl

In addition, MOZAIKA would not be what it is today if it were not for the inestimable participation of the dozens of collaborators who have decided to occupy a part of their time to grow the Jewish culture and the future of this project:

Anabella Esperanza, Andrés Fajngold, Ariel Goldstein, Alfredo Hidalgo Lavié, Esther Calatayud Salvadó, Aitor Garcia Moreno, Alfons Aragoneses, Alexandre Lloreda, Antoni Moreno, Andreu Navarra, Anna Laszlo, Anna Punsoda, Agustín Paniker, Arnau Pons, Ariana Harwicz, Blanca Llum Vidal, Borja Vilallonga, Carlota Marzo Baron, Carles Basteiro-Bertolí, Cristina Calandre Hoenigsfeld, Carla de Aguilar-Amat, Cristina García, Carles Muñoz, Carlos Santos Carretero, Damjana Mraović-O’Hare, Daniela Chiprout de Aparicio, David Cusco, David Simon, Davinia Sampedro, David Troska, Daniel Finkelstein, David Gràcia, Dalia Levinsohn, Dídac Llorens Cubedo, David Picard, Daniela Rosenfeld, Daniel Solares, Daniel Wagensberg, Esteban Gotfried, Enric H. March, Emmanuel Faye, Elvira Turek, Elaine Wagensberg, Federico Samvel, Fernando Arrechea, Flora Hastings, Francesc Oui, Gaston Schnitzel, Golda van der Meer, Gabriel Yacubovich, Gastón Lisak, Gisela Zottl, Iris Radisch, Jacques Le Rider, Javier Dale, Josep Bayerri Raga, Jaume Benavente, Jean Bollack, Julia Martínez, Joan Perez Ventayol, Jonas Benarroch, Jordi Bonvehi Castanyer, Jaume Ortí, Jose Tomas Velasco, Josep Calvet, Juanma Pérez, Kurt Blachstein, Manuel Serrano, Marc Espanyol, Marcel Maresch, Marta Castillón, Martin Julve, Martine Berthelot, Matias Bercovich, Mónica Buzali, Myriam Jawerbaum, Mikel López Iturriaga, Miri Najmias, Meira Odina, Moshe Rozen, Moshe Yanai, Maor Sahar, Michal Shauer, Miguel Troyano, Nir Baram, Nacho Carretero, Nataniel Furgang, Nina Pinto Abecasis, Neil Manel Frau, Noemí París, Ofer Laszewicki Rubin, Pablo Dreizik, Pilar Romeu Ferré, Rachel Delia Benaim, Rachel Sair, Reginaldo Bauer, Richard Wolin, Santiago José Sanchez, Tina Suarez Rojas, Tomás Morgenstern, Tomas Azuara-Cohn, Tomás Taitz, Varda Fiszbein, Victor Martinez Paton and Will Stone.

Contact us: info@mozaika.es